Land's End, Cornwall

Land's End Signpost
The famous signpost at Land's End
Image by Lewis Clarke
Land's End is situated at the most westerly point of Cornwall, which, in turn, is the most westerly county in England.

The name Land's End is used for the headland and cliffs which face the Atlantic Ocean, and for the Visitor Attraction that attracts over 400,000 visitors every year.

Land's End is famous for its iconic signpost that shows the distance, 874 miles, to John o' Groats, the most north-easterly point of the UK,  the distance, 3147 miles, to New York across the Atlantic Ocean, and the distance, 28 miles,  to the Isles of Scilly. The signpost also shows the current date, so that visitors' photographs are easily dated.

Land's End Visitor Attraction including Arthur's Quest

The theme park at Land's End has been owned by Heritage Attractions limited since 1996. The theme pasrk includes these attractions:
  • Arthur's Quest, an interactive experience that conjures up the magic of King Arthur of the Round Table, of Merlin,  and of the dragons they slayed
  • The Curse of Skull Rock, a cinema show where the audience feels the ship rolling, the wind blowing, and the spray of the sea during the search for hidden treasure
  • Air Sea Rescue, a motion picture show where an RNLI lifeboat and an RNAS helicopter rescue a fisherman who get into difficulties at sea by the cliffs at Land's End
  • The End to End story, an exhibition of the journey from Land's End to John o' Groats
  • Greeb Farm, a farm park with a small animal center, and a collection of craft work studios.

First and Last House

The First and Last House, so called because it is either the first or last house in England depending on your direction of travel, offers gifts, toys, and refreshments to visitors to Land's End. Of course, many visitors choose Cornish ice cream!

Land's End to John o' Groats

Many people make the journey from Land's End to John o' Groats, or from John 0' Groats to Land's End, often just for the sheer joy of travelling between the most south-westerly and north-easterly points in the UK. Many travel on bicycles, typically taking 10 to 14 days to travel the 874 miles (1,407 kilometers) by road. Walkers typically take about a month to complete the journey. The straight line distance between the two places is 603 miles (974 kilometers).

It is common for people to be sponsored to make the journey. Many famous people, including Sir Ian Botham, have raised millions of pounds for charity by making the journey.

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